Monday, April 10, 2006

A Weekend with the Family

La Sirena, Meander, Mr. Meander and Big D all joined us at the farm this weekend. On Saturday I made Spinach Manicotti which my family really liked. Here's the recipe. I've discovered that cutting the wine in the sauce makes it better. Meander says it had a zing that she didn't expect. I tripled the batch although I couldn't make all of it because my mom didn't have enough baking dishes to cook them in. But it was a lot of food and it was gone by lunch on Sunday. The thing I hate most is all the chopping involved. I don't like how the food processor cuts things and always do it by hand and it takes awhile.

We watched Pride and Predjudice with Kira Knightly, which I liked. I also watched Brokeback Mountian by myself because Meander had it and I wanted to see it. I didn't really feel much one way or another about it. Now keep in mind that it was late and I was sleepy, so I could have missed something, but I didn't feel like it conveyed their love at all. It was all pretty shots and missing the point as far as I could tell. But then again, I hated American Beauty and everyone loved that movie so maybe I'm just weird. We also played games. Overall, it was a fun weekend. I even took a couple pictures.

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