Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Roller Disco A-Go-Go

On Saturday, Boy had his birthday party at Silver Star Skate Center in Mattoon. Holy Cow! We must have lost our minds!

To be fair this party wasn't as bad as the one we hosted at our house the year before. Last year there were 12 or more kids running amuck in our house, and even with the endless activities we still had impromptu light saber fights, tears and from one annoying kid, recriminations for not immediately ripping the forbidden Pokemon cards from Boy’s hand the minute one of the guests gave it to him. “I thought Boy wasn’t allowed to play with Pokemon! How come you’re not taking them away! What’s wrong with you, my mom, and our teacher anyway? Why can’t you let us play with Pokemon? What do you mean it’s violent?”
This year I didn’t have to clean my house, or think up fun activities and games, but I did have to keep track of eight, high-energy kids in a dark, crowded roller rink. Also, CAPTAIN OBNOXIOUS made a birthday party comeback. “I thought Boy doesn’t like cake! Why did you buy cake if Boy doesn’t like cake? What do you mean other people might want cake, it’s Boy’s birthday? What if Boy doesn’t want just ice cream?” Not to mention the roller rink only provided one piece of pizza per kid and we had the HUNGRIEST KID EVER at our party. We ended up buying all the extra slices of pizza that they had at the rink. The HKE at two more pizza slices along with 3 of the cookies that the roller rink provided, ice cream, cake, all the candy in his treat bag, and all of the Oreos of off the top of the cake (there were five, he ate four and Boy had one). Even with all of that food, the HKE still wanted more, and bought stuff from the concession stand with his own money. Yikes.
I must say that Boy is not very good friends with CO anymore, but I made Boy invite him to the party because I don’t like the reason that he dumped him. Mainly that the HKE is one of Boy’s new best friends and HKE and CO don’t get along. I remember being a kid and getting dumped by my friends because they didn’t like my new friends—CHRIS I am talking about you—so I acted like a mom and intervened and they all got along great, I was just annoyed.
Also Mr. Hobbitfeet was great helping the kids with food and stuff, but he couldn’t recognize any of them unless they came up and said “Hi I am at Boy’s party!” So I was running around the whole time making sure none of the kids were missing/grievously injured/dead. Mr. H. says that wasn’t necessary, that the mom’s don’t do that at the skating parties Boy goes to, but I would have lost my mind if these kids that belonged to other people lost so much as a pinky nail on my watch. Needless to say we won’t be at Silver Star next may if I can help it.

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