Monday, May 29, 2006

Stick a needle....

On Friday, I took Boy to see an allergist. The kid has been having the roughest time this year, pretty much throughout March and April his eyes looked like someone had rubbed salt or chlorine in them they were that red. He's had allergy problems forever, just ask Mr. Hobbitfeet's old cat (actually you can't, when Mr. H. moved in with us he had to get rid of him, and since no one wanted a fifty pound, eleven-year-old cat, we had to take it to the Humane Society and they probably put it down). His pediatrician tried him on all manner of medicines, until he was taking Singular and Nasonex (twice a day) with no luck. The poor baby had 44 needles pricked into his back (see pic of marker points showing where the needles were):
The result is that he's allergic to most tree pollens, grasses, some weeds, some molds, dust mites, and cats (duh!). The tree pollen that he's most allergic to: Oak (D'oh, my house is in the midst of an Oak forest!) The thing he is most allergic to is pigweed, but I have no idea what that is.

Anyhow, now he's on Allegra and it's working well, but the Dr. is going to start him on Allergy shots. Boy is pissed, not only did I bring him to a Dr. that drove 44 needles into his back, but he'll also have to get shots a minimum of once a month for the next 3 years (he's starting out at 2/week). The plus side is maybe we'll be able to coax him outside once in a while.

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