Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sisters in a Basket

Originally uploaded by ejsm219.
My mom has been scanning her old negatives, and during a recent visit to the farm, I uploaded a bunch to my Flickr account.
I like this one, but if you think too much about the connotation you get into trouble. My sisters and I (I’m the cutest-I mean smallest) are hanging out in Yogi Bear's Picnic basket. What does Yogi Bear do with the contents of a picnic basket? That’s right, he eats them. AHHHHHH! We’re going to be eaten by a giant Yogi. It’s no wonder I’ve always hated that cartoon, I was subconsciously remembering the time my parents offered me as a sacrifice all for a cute picture.

P.S. Menader looks like Girl sans curls and with darker hair

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