Wednesday, August 2, 2006

My Super Sweet Vacation Day!

I am taking a vacation day tomorrow. Guess why? Well to clean of course. Just me and my giant economy size soap!!! You see, two weeks ago my house was immaculate. You could perform surgery in my bathroom. But two weeks build-up and Mr. Hobbitfeet worked on Saturday so I entertained children and did everything but clean. The problem is we're having company this weekend. And Mr. H. has to work five hours of overtime. It seems to me that his work only ever makes him work overtime when we have stuff to do.

Anyhow the crap keeps piling up, so I am using my precious vacation hours to get it done.


Kitty Russell said...

Listen here, Miss Liza...we're coming down to your home to see you, Mason, Iain and Rory, not to inspect how well you've cleaned your abode! I say if you don't want to take a vacation day to clean, don't do it! You know I think vacation days are crucial to our well-being, so honestly, don't use one on my account!

Kitty Russell said...

I do love the photo illustration, though!