Sunday, August 20, 2006

One Extra-long Crappy Weekend, hold the fries!

What was gearing-up to be my ultra-cool, best-long-weekend this summer turned into an "Extreme Suckfest of Crappiness."

The Plan:
Wednesday Night-Friday Morning:
While Boy visits his other Grandma, and Mr. Hobbitfeet attends a work thing, Girl and I would have a super-fun (super-free) couple of "Girls' days" which involved: Staying in Mr. H.'s work-paid-for luxury accommodations at the Chicago Swissotel, a visit to Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago's FREE zoo), a visit to The Chicago Children's Museum (during Kraft Free family night, Thursdays 5-8 p.m.), lunch with Lynda at My Thai (not free, but delicious), and playtime in the hotel pool(free again).

Friday Night:
Boy rejoins the family, and we spend the night at Meander's

We go to a birthday party with my mom and sister's presents since they couldn't come, then afterwards return to Meander's for her block party.

Go to Mr. H.'s Aunt's memorial service, then return home having enjoyed a relaxing, fun, and free holiday.

Since I have renamed this the "E.S.C." You know that things went horribly wrong. The hotel didn't have our reservation for Wednesday night, so we had to front it leaving no money for tips so the staff HATED us. Aunt Flo showed up a week early to make me "Extra-patient and happy." We spent more money than we were supposed to, Girl skipped all her naps and was pure joy to be around. I was sure my familiarity with Chicago made it possible for me to get around with just walking and buses, but by the end of our zoo adventures at 5 on Thursday I thought I'd rather tear my own legs off with my bare hands then walk another step. Things got all screwed up and we ended up staying at my Dad's on Friday instead of Meander's and going to the party without her presents. We were so exhausted that we almost didn't go to the memorial service, I haven't slept well since Tuesday night.
Then the topper to the whole weekend: in my rush to get Girl to the potty after dinner at Burger King in Gilman on the way home, I left my purse at the table and it got stolen, with my wallet, and digital camera inside. So I have been spending my morning canceling things and calling my insurance company, which won't pay for my new camera because I have a $500 deductible. Not to mention I loved my little back pack that I was using as a purse. I'd had it since 2001 and it was the BEST. Small but would fit anything like it was the magic car in Harry Potter. So here's a note to whoever stole my bag: YOU SUCK!! None of that stuff was yours and I want it back!!!

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