Friday, September 8, 2006


Approximately 25 years ago (we're not sure of the exact date), the preschool teachers at St. Bede the Venerable Elementary School decided to have a crazy hat day. I showed up in one of my mom's standards made out of paper plates, and a little blonde girl showed up in her dad's fishing hat with candy taped all over it. After the judging was over, the little blonde girl shared her Smarties with me and said "Hi, my name is Chris, wanna be my friend?" and since I love Smarties I said yes and a life long friendship was born. Here we are pics of us from our preschool class picture (also, on the right, is my cousin Kelly who was also in the class).

and here we are at my 7th birthday party:

I like the group shot because Chris chose to look at herself rather than the camera (still does!), also why is there a Burger King employee in the picture?

Through our dorkiest phases of life- like New Kids on the Block and The New Leave it to Beaver:

grammar School Graduation and High school Graduation:

All the way to the present day we've been friends. Even though there have bumps along the way, we've been friends more or less since we were our kids' age.

So, Thanks Chris for 25 years of friendship, and sorry our fat butts can't fit in a recliner together anymore!

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La Sirena said...

Some enlightenment on the Burger King employee being in the photo.
She was good friends with our babysitter (Liz) and really put alot of effort into the party.