Monday, October 23, 2006

Fed Up and Cranky!

This weekend, Mr. H. and I got hardcore sick of being parents. As my mom, Meander, and the smurfs could attest, we were SUPER cranky.
What could have happened to make us normally FANTASTIC parents such creeps?
Three words:
About a month ago we decided that Girl (who is abnormally attached to it) must lose the pacifier once and for all and have been preparing her for it all this time. Telling her it was time to wrap them up and give them to her new baby cousin, and that this would happen when she was three.
She was really ready, but, like other things, she was resisting it. Almost six months ago we made it something for sleeping only because I was sick of looking at her with it in her mouth and sick of hearing her talk around it.
See the trouble with Girl is that she very much lives up to her name. She is EXTREMELY loud.
I think we were addicted to it more than she was because, as a very quiet family, we could not handle the noise. Even now she has not changed, she screams and talks loud even when she's happy.
The good news is that after a few nights she has adjusted and is back to her normal self. Although that doesn't mean she sleeps all night in her own bed.
That's just crazy talk!
P.S. Sorry to all of those upon whom we inflicted our crankiness.

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