Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 things about me...

1. I own a pair of purple Nikes that I bought 5 years ago to replace my purple Skechers which I ran into the ground, but I still miss my purple Skechers.

2. I like Halloween better than Christmas, but I have better Christmas decorations.

3. When we bought our house, there was a light switch plate that someone had made with a woodburning kit. Even though it wasn't done very well, I kept it up and sometimes consider taking up woodburning so that I could make more.

4. I have a hard time making my kids get rid of toys they don't play with because I very clearly remember how bad I felt when my parents did that to me.

5. I still often feel like I'm 12 years old.

Now tell me 5 things about you!


La Sirena said...

1. I hate going to bed and I hate waking up.

2. I talk, sing (and sometimes dance) to/ for myself.

3. My favorite dessert is canned chocolate frosting spread on graham crackers.

4. I want to travel around all over -- like to all of the Springfields in the U.S. and Haiti and Nova Scotia and high altidude Andean towns and fishing villages -- to learn about the people and make friends and just stay for a few days/weeks/ months.

5. I eschew the dominant paradigm.

Woodlandmama said...

As long as you don't chew desert pyramids it's all good!