Thursday, October 5, 2006

Pee-Wee with a Touch of Noir

Up until 2001 all of my significant relationships started in November.

Bill N. (November 17, 1991) I dated bill for six months, which as a freshman in high school is forever. Then we became best friends and remained that way until 1999 when his girlfriend told him he couldn't be friends with me and he was dumb enough to listen.

Martin S. (November 6, 1994) My last high school boyfriend. I dumped him shortly after I got to college and got rewarded with two CD's filled with bitter hatred.

John M. (November 11, 1995) Bitter. Bitter. Bitter. But we all love Boy so let's forget the rest!

But then in 2001 (January to be exact) I got a job at Chicago Visitor Information. This cocky guy walked in on my 2nd day. I won't say it was L.A.F.S. but I won't say I hated him either.

Things I liked most about Mr. H. back then:
1. Every Thursday when he came in at 11 a.m. he would bring a copy of The Reader for everyone and would sing "I'm buying a Reader for you, not an ordinary Reader will do..."
2. He laughed at my Soylent Green joke even though it went over the customer's head.
3. He shared his crosswords with me.

Anyhow after months of refusing to date me because we worked together, he relented and we had our first date, which just involved watching videos. We each brought one. He brought Kiss Me Deadly (pretty obvious huh? To bad he didn't get so much as a peck) and I brought The Pee Wee Herman Show ("Big enough piece of cake or what?")

This took place in October. Five years ago tomorrow.

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