Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sick and Other Things...

I stayed home from work today because Girl is sick. I used to really like my pediatrician, but lately I've started to think of her as a sort of one trick pony. Certainly not every time my kids get sick can they have an ear infection, or sinusitis whatever that is. And I thought Doctors aren't supposed to prescribe antibiotics because of supergerms or whatever.

Anyhow, I hate taking Girl to the doctor because she is allergic to cillins (as in penicillin or ammoxocillin) and we have to go over that every time. This time was particularly bad because after waiting at Walgreen's for 20 minutes (which really sucks because the pharmacy is right by the toy aisle and Girl wants everything) the pharmacist told me my prescription was going to be $43.50.
"What," I scream, "We have ninja insurance we're only supposed to pay $15 for medicine!!"
"Well, your insurance isn't covering it." muttered the idiot with the bad facial hair
"Why," I scream (once again, I was being those people I hate) "They did last time."
"Well last time you had a medicaid card so they covered it."
"No, last time was like in January, when I know for a fact my insurance from Blue Cross/Blue Shield WHERE MY HUSBAND WORKS covered it. I know what our benefits are!" (I was really obnoxious, but you try sitting in a toy aisle with a sick,whiny 3 year old for 20 minutes and see how calm you are)
"No, no last time you had Zithromax and this is ceflecor (or something)"
"Well I don't want your crappy expensive medicine, come on Girl we're going back to the doctor"
"Why, " she sniffled "So she can make me feewuh bedder?"
Bottom line my doctor was scoffing at the stupid pharmacist's idea that she had ever prescribed Zithromax, but asked what was covered and we got that instead (after another 15 mins. in the toy aisle). Also, Mr. H. says that as long as we were getting a generic, it was covered so the idiot was truly an idiot, I wasn't just imagining it.

In other news, I had decided to cut down on how much TV I watch so I thought I'd do some crafts. I made some ticking curtains for my kitchen like I saw in Martha Stewart Living, and a nice witch that was a combo of this one, and one my Grandma had when I was little. I did learn one thing though and that is you can still watch TV while crafting and so it didn't really help at all.

These are the curtains, they are the same color, but the other picture didn't turn out so hot.

See I used the nylon witch's face, and her basic idea but I used the old witch's body frame and pose (though not her scale)
I think La Sirena is Juliet, Meander is Cleopatra, and I am Scarlett O'Hara.