Friday, November 10, 2006

Pictures of Me

A long time ago I promised my readers a picture of me in my Esleep pajamas (which I lived in most of 7th and 8th grade) well it may take a long time, but I always deliver.

Don't you just love my peach and mint green bedroom? Also I am making a friendship bracelet, and that is not a poster of Jordan Knight La Sirena; that is Damon Pampolina from the MMC and The Party (more recently that Saturn commercial where the guy goes to all the dealerships for donuts).

Also in light of all the scanned pictures I've posted today. I submit a picture of me with my very own Jordan Catalano: Bill

I dated Bill for six months my freshman year of high school and then we were "best friends" from then until about a year before I got engaged when his girlfriend made him stop being friends with me.

Now fess up, you know you have a Jordan Catalano. Who was he?

P.S. In true Angela Chase style, you may have never dated him, just admired the way he leans.

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