Friday, January 12, 2007

Bill Nye I am not.

The most complicated thing about having Boy as my son is the unending science questions for which I have no answers.

Do sound waves travel faster in warm or cold air? ANSWER

I have no freaking clue! I was an ENGLISH major I took the least amount of science and math that was required of my in both high school and college. I can make you cute little heredity charts, and figure out the likelihood that a child will have blue eyes or whether a pea plant will be short or tall. I can name every tree that grows on the EIU campus; these were the types of science classes I took.

John was a painter. I am a writer. How on earth did we end up with a kid that wants to collect owl scat and study it for fun?


La Sirena said...

I think they travel faster through cold air.

But I'm not 100%. Did you do a search? Now I want to know.

Woodlandmama said...

It's warm air. I added a link to my source after the question. Of course I did a search. My boss says I'd be in trouble with out electricity because I look everything up online. I say "Of, Course! It's faster."

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza, this is Iain's uncle Martin. Anyway, sound travels faster through cold air, because it is denser than warm air. If you ever get a question that you or Mason can't answer, feel free to call Iain's nerdy uncle Martin.