Monday, January 8, 2007

The Five Pound Turkey in the Room.

Back in December, in fact it was the day we headed to Chicago for Christmas, I made us a nice turkey dinner. You see, normally when we come to Chicago, we eat nothing but junk like pizza, burgers, random snack foods at family parties. So I was determined to start us off right.
I don't normally cook, because I am hugely lazy and hate the thought of all that chopping. Plus, I am considered to be a good cook, so I feel this intense pressure to have fabulous meals and the thought of how long it will take wears me out before I even try. But that night I went all out eschew the Stove Top for real stuffing and making mashed potatoes and gravy.
Mr. Hobbitfeet was in awe, as he always is. I think with my total lack of desire to cook, he forgets that I can. He raved and raved.
Zoom forward. Last week he went shopping and bought another turkey, hoping against hope that I'd make another damn turkey dinner. Flattering, but I just got rid of the uneaten leftovers from Christmas. So I left it in the freezer. Last Wednesday, I noticed that he had moved it to the fridge, perhaps defrosting it for Friday, when I would be home all day.
I meant to, I really did. But If you had read my blog, my house was a huge mess, and I had been possessed by the cleaning fairies and spent the day getting my house what my mom always called "company clean." So at 2 when I should have been cooking my turkey I was dead tired and wasn't about to start making stuffing.
Then I promised myself I would make it Saturday, but we were in Champaign at 2, so another day went by. Sunday the kids and I made homemade pretzels. So it's up to today. I have no desire to make this stupid thing. Mr. H., never asked if I wanted to make a turkey, he just bought and defrosted the thing. He starts back to class today, and if I want it ready before tumbling I'll have to start it at 1! I work the next three nights, and it will most likely be bad by Friday. I feel like this turkey is hanging 'round my neck like an albatross. Before you know it I'll be hanging around outside of weddings stopping one of three.

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