Saturday, January 6, 2007

Movie Night

One of the things I love about Netflix is that I get to pick the movies I want my kids to see. Although I do get some present-day movies, I often pick movies that I loved as a kid. The one I got for Boy this week is no exception. I rented the movie Explorers which was released in 1985 (F.Y.I- it was both River Phoenix's and Ethan Hawke's first movie).
Now when I was little I absolutly LOVED this movie. I was in love with River Phoenix for years afterward, probably up until he died. Plus, I thought the whole movie (especially the part with the aliens) was hysterical. So I was really hoping he would like it.
He did, but for totally different reasons than I did. Obviously I didn't expect him to think River Phoenix with cute, as he bears no resemblance to Hillary Duff, but I was selling it to him as a really funny movie. His reasons for liking it were all scientific, and though there were parts that he found really funny, he really didn't get the aliens. I guess that's understandable as they were imitating television shows pre-1985; at one point the alien does a Humphrey Bogart impression. So I guess that shows how different Boy and I really are.
Mr. Hobbitfeet had never seen this movie either, and laughed at the ridiculousness of it, but almost fell over during the final credits when he saw that Wolfgang was played by River Phoenix. He had watched the whole movie, and though he pretty much looks like he did in Stand By Me, I guess Mr. H. hadn't recognized him. Mr. H. and I did laugh pretty hard when Wolfgang was talking about his high tech computer and said it was 128K.

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La Sirena said...

I still miss River Phoenix.