Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I know a lot of you were wondering, Girl is doing much better. She's still congested; still using the the nebulizer. She no longer fights it though which makes it much easier. She is also still cranky as hell.
Boy is back home. He had fun, but was homesick, though you'd never really know because after two nights in his own bed, he wanted to spend New Year's Eve at the farm. He definitely had more fun there than he would have with Mr. Hobbitfeet and I as we were both asleep well before midnight (hey, you deal with a sick kid for a week and see what a party animal you are). Boy on the other hand stayed up til 2 a.m. watching Little Nicky, which I would have never allowed (edited television version notwithstanding).
My house is still a mess, but the Christmas decorations are gone, much to Girl's dismay. She sobbed and wanted to kiss all of the decorations goodbye. She also got very mad when I packed up the few decorations we had allowed her to keep in her room (a snow bear that my mom gave her on her first Christmas and a wreath with her picture in it that she made at school). She also tried to hide my Santa nesting doll so it couldn't be put away. She got in trouble for that one. I truly felt like the Grinch when Cindy Lou Who says "Santy Claus why? Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?" But I had all the Christmas spirit I could take. Nevertheless, the minute the Christmas purging started to take place, Girl demanded that she be allowed to watch Elf one last time, and we relented for no other reason then it would keep her occupied long enough to get the tree down.
Honestly though, we don't pack away the Christmas movies. They are just kept behind all the other movies, as are the Christmas CDs. So if Girl really wants to indulge again before next year, it may be allowed to happen.

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