Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"Holy Mother of God and All Her Wacky Nephews"

So my daughter has been sick, and I haven't really ventured out of my house except to go to work since we came home the day after Christmas. So what have I been doing (I mean besides nebulizing my daughter and posting old commercials of Wonder Woman)? I have been going to my utmost Whedork extremes.
Why is that? Well I parlayed my Christmas gift cards and cash and invested in the entire Firefly 'verse. The series, movie, and any day now the (comic) book that bridges the gap between the two (zooming it's way to me from Amazon). I even got around to watching the River Tam Sessions, so you know I am hardcore.
Not only that but I listened to all the commentaries and have been boring my Whedork of a husband with all I know. Now you know I'm a geek when I can out geek the geekiest geek that ever geeked.

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