Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dumb Dog, Why Are You Following Me?

The Relay for Life Team at my work is holding a cutest dog picture in which people submit their dog pictures and then vote on the cutest one to raise money.
And everyone at my work has turned doggie-crazy.
It is all they talk about, and I can't take it.
I am very aware that my children love Mr. Giles. I have a difficult time working up that much affection for him. Now I know my next statement will get me ostracized from my mother's side of the family, but to me Giles is just a dog.
He makes a very nice edition to our family. He's a very good dog, and he brings great joy to my kids, and heck even to me once in a while. I do not, however, feel like he's one of my kids.
That said, Mr. Giles has deemed me the alpha-dog in the house and follows me where ever I go. When I (and only I)throw his ball, he fetches, when I say sit, he sits. This only happens for me. Mr. H. and the kids could yell til they're horse and he just looks at them. If anyone else leaves the house, he'll try to escape. I could walk out and hold the door open and he would just sit there until I said "Well, come on." I can take him for a walk without his leash and he won't leave me. This isn't something I understand. I am not saying he's bad for anyone else, he's just extra good for me. If anyone has insight into this wacky dog behavior, let me know.
And I apologize for the doggie-blog.


Meander said...

Mr. Giles is like those girls who stay in unfulfililng relationships. They think, "I can change you. I WILL make you love me." Mr. Giles is trying to win you over. Everyone else already loves him dearly and so he doesn't have to work for it.

Woodlandmama said...

It's a nice theory, but I like the dog more than Mason does. So, if your theory were true, he'd follow Mason all the time and not me.

La Sirena said...

I don't know why and this is purely anecdotal BUT ... dogs generally choose an adult as their Alpha and it is most often the opposite sex human -- therefore, Mr. Giles chose you.

I find Nora's explanation much more dramatic and interesting, however.

Meander said...

Well, I'm hardly the dog whisperer. In fact, I caused a mild controversy at work because my friends were looking at puppies on the humane society website and they asked if I'd ever get a pet. My answer was, "I don't really see the point." You'd have thought I'd admitted to clubbing baby seals.