Thursday, February 22, 2007

Play (Virtual) Ball!

I know that you’ve all been crying “Where is Woodlandmama!!” Well, I’ll tell you. Mr. H. has been a major computer hog all week! Something about homework. Bah, blogging is way more important that homework! It’s almost all a lie anyway. He doesn’t have any more homework than usual, it’s something else. I wonder what it could be.
That’s right! It’s fantasy baseball draft time. Nothing clogs up my computer time more than the 3 or 4 leagues in which my lovely husband finds himself. Of course in real life he can’t play baseball to save his life. Well, maybe to save his life, but he could get his butt whipped by any 6 year-old t-ball player worth his salt.
Not only do I not get anywhere near our computer, I also am subjected to boring facts about his leagues and players. After almost four years of marriage (and several fake snores), the fantasy baseball conversations have started to wane. Every now and again, however, he can not contain them and they burst forth like a busted water main. So I am forced to smile and nod.


Scott said...

HEY! He used to beat me at baseball all the time. Wait, never mind. That was this horrible dream I had once. He is awe strikingly bad at baseball. He isn't much better at fantasy baseball either, but the man needs a hobby.

Woodlandmama said...

Ah yes hobbies are good. But I like my computer too!