Monday, February 12, 2007

Silly Girls

All of my life I have been accident prone. My mother says she became a nurse as a direct result of all of my injuries. Along with several minor injuries I have been to the ER for reasons that include (but are not limited too):
1. Sticking a rock far up my nose @ age 1
2. Swallowing an entire bottle of children's aspirin when I had the chicken pox @ age 3
3. Splitting my chin open on my handle bars @ age 6 (this is a very funny story, I'll tell it some time)
4. Breaking my foot doing cartwheels in the kitchen @ 10 or 11.
5. Splitting my head open under the bleachers in high school ( I went to get a fallen book and Barry D. tried spit on me causing me to jump out of the way and bang my head on the metal supports)
6. Getting my knee broken by a hairy-man/chick playing rugby in college

You'd think that as I grew up, I'd be less prone to ridiculous accidents, but I am not. This weekend while sledding with my mom and Girl, I may have sprained, seriously jammed, or possibly broken my left index finger. Girl and I were attempting a large hill on the farm that required tricky maneuvering to avoid the prickers and thorns, and the last turn I upended the sled and in a heroic maneuver (intended to avoid an Boy-like situation in which Girl would obstinately refuse to ever sled again), I rolled with Girl in my arms so that I would bear the brunt of the fall with my body and instead of letting her get hurt. Instead of landing on my back or side, I landed on my left index finger, which promptly doubled in size and refused to behave in any manner befitting a finger (namely bending fully at the joints)

If you are not aware I am left-handed and not being able to use the index finger on your primary hand is complicated.

Look how swollen it is:

This is my right index finger, look how well it bends:

Then here is my left, sad finger, bending as far as it can:
It is also impossible to see in these pictures but the palm-side and the side closest to it's tall angry, cursing neighbor is all purple.

Now moving on, Girl and I have a great family friend who gives us her hand-me-downs. Last night Girl discovered this outfit in a bag we got not that long ago, and WILL NOT TAKE IT OFF!! She put it on around four p.m. and insisted it be put back on her after bath. She slept in it and won't let me change her. It is a shorts/shirt combo. I insisted she at least put a long sleeved shirt on under it, but that is the only consolation she will make. The hat was a recent addition.


La Sirena said...

but she's so cute....

Ouch! Your poor finger!

Pelmo said...

First rule in rolling of sled.
DO NOT pick nose while doing so.

Woodlandmama said...

Nose picking is what you were doing in the house while we were out having wintery fun. Sled-scrooge!

Pelmo said...

As I was doing so, I was safely strapped into my recliner, thereby avoiding any injury.