Saturday, February 3, 2007

What a Day!

I had some serious cabin fever today. I woke up begging to day-trip to St. Louis to take the kids to the city museum. The museum alone would cost $48-72 for the four of us depending on if we wanted to see the whole thing or not. That isn't even including gas and parking. So no museum for us. Plus swimming today, and Girl skipped tumbling on Monday so we made that up today.
So what to do, what to do? Well there isn't a whole lot of options down here in January unless we want to freeze, and we didn't.
We stayed home.
But we had tons of fun. Girl and I watched Harriet the Spy. Then we had a living room dance party. Then we all did our daily exercise. I freaked Boy out by pretending to be a perky aerobics instructor, and kept saying things like "Get those knees up ladies."
Funny is Boy trying to use a balance ball.
Anyhow, I still have cabin fever, but at least the day went fast.

Oh yeah, Mr. Hobbitfeet and the kids got haircuts again. Boy still insists on getting bangs, guys. How can I convince him that it isn't a good look. I try I really do, we never go to lame places like BoRics or anything but he always tells the lady that he wants bangs. If anyone has styling ideas, think about it, he'll be ready for another haircut in two months.

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La Sirena said...

All of the cool guys are wearing bangs now -- maybe you can talk him into growing them a bit ala the hep teenaged flip.

But that's just too Donovan.