Friday, March 16, 2007


Oof, what a day! As it was Boy's last day of spring break, Mr. H. took the day off and we headed down to St. Louis (a mere 2 hours away) for a day at the City Museum, and though the day got off to a bad start, all and all we had a blast!
So we were all cranky and out of sorts when we started off. The kids kept needing to stop to go to the bathroom and then Girl got car sick and tossed her cookies all over herself. Of course than we had to stop to get her cleaned up, and had to find a Walmart so she could get changed. Then my bankcard didn't work, so we were about to chuck the whole day, but damn it! We were already in Collinsville. So after a quick call to the bank, we got things settled and we're back on the way.
It turned out that the pants we bought Girl to replace the ones she threw up on were too big, and we had to borrow a pin from the coat check lady, but it was too small, and Girl almost knocked herself out in the "No Skating Skate Park" when she tripped over her pants so I took the rubber band out of my hair and rubber banded her pants up. Anyhow Check out some of the pictures (sorry about how many there are) and if you didn't get enough, you can see the rest on my Flickr account!

An Alien Baby (is it alive??)

The family by the giant lizard waterfall.

The high outdoor bridge that Boy was brave enough to climb.

Crazy giant outdoor ball pit!

Girl is very holy!

Mr. H. is a monkey!

Boy and Girl on a giant mosaic turtle

Girl in another ball pit (my new favorite picture of her)

AHHHH! The giant statue is eating Boy! (My new favorite of him)

Boy's in the aquarium.

And finally: What is with this ridiculous, tacky roadside cross?

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