Monday, March 12, 2007

An Exciting Development

I know that I've been a slacker with my March pictures. I have no excuse except nothing much has been happening, and I was sure my audience (if there is one) didn't want to look at the same pictures of my dead-looking yard. But this morning (thanks to four days of spring-like weather) there was an awesome development!


My baby cherry tree (last year's mother's day gift) has new growth! Not just tiny buds, but a whole new branch!


Look sprouts! These are the plants that I don't like, but that dominate my yard as they are extremely popular round these parts, so the old owners put them EVERYWHERE. People around here call them "Surprise Lillies" because they sprout early and look like tall, thick blades of grass until about June or July then all of a sudden a long flower stalk grows and SURPRISE! you have lillies.

Here is what they'll look like (I got this picture from Lisa Shea)


La Sirena said...

Omigod... I actually love Surprise Lillies. I didn't know they were called that tho.

Woodlandmama said...

I don't think they are in most places.