Sunday, March 25, 2007


If you've been paying attention, you'd know that spring has come to my little house in the big woods, and you'd know how happy it's made me. Well, it got even better last night because last night was warm. So warm, that Mr. Hobbitfeet and I fell asleep to the chirping frogs and woke to the birds.
The frogs are really great. I started a post about them once, one that I meant to save as a draft and finish later, then accidentally published unfinished, and never got back to. But I don't want to talk about them.
The birds are out in full force. It's such a pleasant way to wake up. My favorite is the cardinal's call. It sounds like he really, really wants Mexican food: Burr-ito, burr-ito, burr-ito. I laugh every time and there are tons of cardinals (hence I laugh a lot).
I know that when city people visit us, they have a hard time sleeping. Often they're surprised at how loud it is here. But then, I have a hard time sleeping in the city now (even after growing up there); I find loud people and sirens much more disconcerting. It almost reminds me of a song on a children's record that we had when I was younger: Poor Mr. Flibberty-Jib. He finds the city to noisy so he moves to the country and thinks it's too noisy because of all the animals.
I don't remember what happened to him. I only remember that he had a rumble-bumble-bumble in his head.


Meander said...

Upon the advice of his Dr. Mr. Flibberty-Jib ate more Roast Beef (more Roast Beef?) and had no more Rumble Bumble Bumble in his head. Seriously. That is what happened.

Woodlandmama said...

I am glad you cleared it up. Now that you mention it, I do remember the roast beef. Let's try it, Let's try it!

Jenny said...

I remember Mr. Flibberty Jib.

I'm having such flashbacks now.

La Sirena said...

....the cow said moo,
The rooster said cock-a-doodle-do."

I did not remember roast beef. Why not warm milk?