Friday, March 2, 2007

What am I Doing? What are YOU Doing?

This afternoon I had a rare moment to myself this afternoon. I tried to sit and watch Lady in the Water, but sadly my attention wandered one to many times and I finally gave up. Then I flipped through the channels stopping momentarily on a certain entertainment channel in complete horror as they showed footage of Anna Nichole's casket carried out of the hearse from a birds eye view. Then they showed the thick tent around the grave site blowing around as the camera hovered over it, and I realized that this camera was hovering in a helicopter above a funeral! I quickly changed the channel not wanting to give this station money to continue doing this kind of thing. I was mad at myself for even watching for a minute.
Then, I stopped on CNN, which was reporting on world events, blah, blah politics, blah, blah war. Then suddenly the reporter broke in with footage from Anna Nichole's funeral. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I turned off the TV and backed away slowly.


La Sirena said...

Yeah...I really find all of this Anna Nicole coverage truly to be in bad taste.

Kelly said...

Bad taste? She was the epitome of bad taste! The coverage that her death is receiving was her lifelong goal in all its tackiness and media frenzy. Rest in Peace, Anna, Vicki, whoever you were. Your dreams have come true!

Woodlandmama said...

I am not so much thinking of her but of the people that were there mourning. You know the ones that aren't trying to get all her money by fighting over her body and her daughter, because those that are, loved the attention.