Thursday, March 29, 2007

World's Largest Disappointment

The summer that I graduated from high school, I went to Rockabilly weekend with my friend Lisa, her sister, and several of her brothers. On the way we stopped at some sites recommended by Roadside America.

The one I was most excited about was the "World's Largest Stump." I am not exactly sure what I thought it was going to be like, but I wanted to see it. I think I had visions of something like this:

But the stump was smaller than I envisioned, and it was in a little house behind glass. It was also housed with the "World's Largest Steer." It was also behind glass and not alive. We also made a stop along the way at "The world's last freak show," which was miniature circus scenes made out of wood.
I had a lot of fun on the trip, but I must say that the roadside attractions left a lot to be desired. It was a little like going in to see an alien, and discovering an upside-down cow fetus.


La Sirena said...

Did you see an upside-down cow fetus erroneously advertised as an alien on that trip?

Woodlandmama said...

It's a Firefly reference

La Sirena said...

Sorry. Guess I'm not cool / dorky enough.

Woodlandmama said...

No, you're not.