Monday, April 2, 2007

Black and Scarlet

We had an eventful weekend. Saturday, Boy successfully tested for his 1st Degree black belt in Taekwondo. He did an amazing job. He had to spar six kids, one right after another, then after a short break, he had to fight the other black belt.
Girl kept saying her stomach hurt. Then Sunday she woke with a fever. Halfway through the day she broke out in a full body rash.
First thing this morning we went to the doctor, and the verdict was.......

scarlet fever.

That is right, my children, apparently live on the Oregon Trail and get diseases you never hear about anymore unless your playing that video game. Boy had scarlet fever back when he was in kindergarten. He had to miss his class valentine's day party, and was so upset because he had picked out his own valentines with farm animals.
Now Girl will be out of daycare until Wednesday. She is mad because she wants to go play with her friends.
The doctor says she has to take it easy and not do very much. For Girl, that's like asking her not to breathe. On the way home we stopped at the video store and picked up about 10 kids videos. I will be able to watch Nicktoons, and Disney movies until I vomit.

Oh, and if you've spent anytime with my daughter in the last couple days, you may get strep throat or scarlet fever. Sorry!

Oh, and by the way I am blogging from my bed as I have gotten a new lap top and am no longer stuck in the family room.

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La Sirena said...

Cool for the new laptop and Iain the blackbelt!!!

Poor, Rorypants! You always got Oregon Trail diseases, however, (mumps, convulsions, etc.)so it isn't their fault.

I think her daycare is one giant contagion stew.