Friday, March 9, 2007

Yummy Weather! Yucky Kids!

Right now I am enjoying the 63 degree weather. I'd enjoy it more if Girl wasn't too sick to do very much.

Mr. Hobbitfeet even took the plastic off our windows. The plastic was very helpful this year. When everyone else around us were complaining about the end of the rate freeze and skyrocketing utilities, ours actually went down by about $40/month. I credit the plastic and the fact that I was constantly turning off every unnecessary light.
Boy tried out the hammock that I got for Christmas. He was a little scared.


swampwitch said...

Love the "kiddy-car" pic and the one of Iain in the actually makes me dizzy looking at it.
I love oak trees and miss them. We don't have oak trees in Colorado. Hope the kiddo feels better soon.

Woodlandmama said...

Well, if you're looking to grow a couple, I can give you a deal on about four thousand pounds of acorns come September.