Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"When Days Are Hot..."

So you saw in my last post that Little D paid a visit for Memorial Day Weekend, but I know that you are on the edge of your seat wondering what else we did.

I am a Pisces. So much so that I want to swim all of the time, even in February. My kids are as water-logged as I am. Even my husband, who couldn't swim before he met me, has become a little waterbug. So guess what we did.

That's right, we swam. You're smart.

Mr. Hobbitfeet and Girl got a jump on the game by taking a dip in my mom's pond on Sunday. The fact that the water is still a bit on the chilly side didn't stop them at all, nor did not having suits. My exhibitionist daughter went skinny dipping, and Daddy swam in his boxers. The truth is, Mr. H had no desire to swim, but what Daddy's girl wants, Daddy's girl gets.

Then on Monday, after going out for a breakfast, in which Boy ate 3/4 of an ENORMOUS ham and cheese omelet, we headed to the public pool, where we stayed for the next four hours. Do you think my kids were grateful? Nope! Not long after we got home, both had minor fits. Girl's was because she wanted to stay at the pool, and Boy's was because he thought everyone was unfair only to him. Not long after our early dinner, both whined the epitaph hated by all moms: "I'm having a BAD day!"

Give me a break! What had we done that day that hadn't been designed for ultimate kid enjoyment?

To be fair, I will admit that within ten minutes of each of them telling us that, they were both sound asleep. It wasn't even 6:30 p.m.

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