Monday, June 4, 2007

Fun Monday Part Two

So much for 6 p.m. Here I am at 11. I know a lot of you enjoyed my other crafty stuff, but I really did want to post things I haven't posted before. This is the one I am most proud of:

Girl as a fall fairy circa 2004!

This outfit took me MONTHS! But it was so worth it. I took a Shirley Temple type slip, dyed it brown. For the skirt I sewed about a billion silk leaves on to the bottom of the slip. I pulled all the plastic bits off the leaves and ran the whole thing under a sewing machine with no thought to which way they were laying. Then I took a bazillion fake flowers and hand-sewed them to the bodice. This was the hardest part because it was almost impossible to get the needle through the middle plastic on the flower. In the end, I used the biggest flowers possible and small ones only for the straps and to fill in holes. Also I made little wings out of nylons and wire and decorated them with a Blo-pen. I safety pinned the wings on the back and didn't put flowers where the wings would sort-of hide them.

Finally using my trustee Muppets Big Book of Crafts, I made the pointy hat. I used bonding paper to stick a piece of fabric to a pre-cut piece of cardboard, rolled it up and hot-glue gunned ribbons and decorations to it. Everything I learned about crafts I learned from the Muppets. Here's the hat: Our town has a Halloween parade with contest every year. Girl wone in the under-threes she got a whopping $5 plus candy. As a side note, the parade was held a day or two before Halloween. Though she was fine all day, she woke up that night with a 105 degree (Fahrenheit) temperature. A quick trip to the E.R. told us she had pneumonia. Luckily it was only in one lung. She didn't get to Trick-or-Treat.

Boy's outfit that year was also pretty neat (though overshadowed by his sister's cool threads). He was a wizard. He picked out the fabric. The hats were big that year.

Not to let Boy be out done by his sister, here are the pictures of the Harry Potter costume I made him in 2001. He won a Harry Potter look-alike costume contest that year. The prize was a Harry Potter photo album and a set of bookends that proudly display our books (even though Harry lost his hands).

Harry bookend:
Also I've added a close up of Girl's quilt (I would have done Boy's but he was sleeping with it):


Beckie said...

Oh, the leaf skirt and little Harry are too cute! I really am going to have to try to make costumes this year.

ChrisB said...

I came back for a second look; that is such as cute costume I'm not surprised it took along time to make. It was also good to get a better look at the quilt I love it as you have used some of my favourite colours.

Super B's Mom said...

I just had to say that your comment on Mama Drama about the crutches made me almost pee my pants. There have been several moments when in frustration I caught myself about to do the same thing.


Oh and thanks alot for showcasing all your craftiness. Makes all us slackers look bad. :P

Woodlandmama said...

beckie-glad you liked them. I love making costumes for my kids.
super b's mom-I blame my sister, she taught me how to do it!