Monday, June 18, 2007

In Which I Ramble

I hope that everyone had a nice Father's Day. Mr. Hobbitfeet seemed to enjoy his and there was no full family meltdown like the one we had on Mother's Day so that's a plus. Frankly the difference was that I threatened my children that if they even thought about fighting on Father's Day I would never, ever take them to the pool again. I also broke up the fights before they started and kept the kids entertained, and that my friends is why Mothers should have two days.

All of a sudden Boy looks different. It isn't just me either, Mr. H. feels the same way. Also, Boy told me at the pool that he felt skinnier (although it's not an easy thing to tell as he's always been barrel-chested). I wouldn't say he's grown, I don't think that's it. He had been going through a bit of an awkward phase, which seems to be over somehow, but it's hard to really put your finger on. His hair is the same as it ever was, but also different. As soon as I get a picture you can see it and judge for yourself. Maybe we're too close to know for sure what it is.

Girl has changed too. It is impossible to believe that she is only three. When she went along for Boy's 5th grade physical the doctor thought she was almost 5 instead of almost 4. She also has decided that the regular pool is cooler than the kiddie pool (though she all of a sudden love the small slide in the kiddie pool-it's shaped like a frog and she used to be terrified of it). In addition she recently fell in love with the big water slide at the pool. She's too small to go by herself, but she'll want us to taker her down it until we're so tired we become in danger of falling down from exhaustion. I have this terrible (and unreasonable) fear that she'll slip on some water on the way up to the slide, fall between the steps and crash her death on the cement below. I KNOW that it's crazy, and unlikely, but it doesn't stop me from holding her wrist so tight that she says "Mommy stop it!"

Finally here is a news story. This happened quite close to me and should prove the resilience of little girls (at least enough to get me to stop being afraid that my daughter will go shooting through a tiny hole).

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