Monday, June 11, 2007

Letters I Never Thought I'd Write

The following is an actual letter that I wrote to Girl's daycare.

Dear Ms. Jenny,

Boy told me that you were asking about “Dead Daddoo.” This person is one of Girl’s imaginary friends, not a real person. We have been trying to get her to talk about him in some other way, but can not convince her that he is not real. We probably should have told you about it sooner, but honestly we’re not sure what to make of it or from where it came.
Just so you are aware, Girl has no actual dead relatives for you to be concerned about. She does have quite a cast of dead imaginary friends though. The list (of ones we’ve heard about) follows:

Dead Daddoo (she sometimes says he’s her other dad)
Her 5 dead babies
Her other mother (Cinderella) that died
And her dead baby sister

We have tried explaining that people might get upset if she talks about them, that being dead isn’t something you joke about, but it doesn’t end. Right now we’re taking the approach that we just say “hmm” and ignore the story she is telling. If you have any other ideas, please let us know.

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