Tuesday, June 12, 2007

War on Architecture

A short while back I decided to embark on a self-assigned photo project that I called Dilapidated Illinois. I started this project for Mr. Hobbitfeet who loved dilapidated old buildings. Since there was such a wealth of them around my area I was out to capture every one. I got four.But I am very happy that I got them, because they were my favorites and three of the four are meeting sad (in my mind) fates.

The first to fall was the "haunted insane asylum" that was bought and ripped apart and turned into a very poor, very un-scary haunted house. It now sports a trailer and ticket booth in the driveway and several animal pens on the grounds. Pooh, talk about destroying the atmosphere.

The second to go was a very lovely old church on the road between my house and my mom's farm. Mr. H. and I loved it. The owners tore it down a month ago leaving nothing but a patch of freshly turned earth where the foundation used to stand.
You see, in order to beautify the town, a law has been passed that condemned buildings must be torn down, either by the owners or by the county at the owner's expense. I must admit that I was excited by the law and the fact that the building that had caught fire and just sat there half-burned would be gone, I never thought that the law would mean the beautiful abandoned buildings that I love would be torn down.

It really does though because I read in the paper today that the county board is going to meet to discuss the fate of the third building, and . . .

. . . I'm sure the fourth is not far behind.

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