Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where Have You Gone Girl DiMaggio?

I am suffering from serious Girl withdrawal. It's been more than 30 hours since I've seen her. Maybe it wouldn't have been so hard had I been prepared.

Yesterday, when she, Mr. H., and Boy left for daycare, work, and day camp (respectively), I kissed her goodbye fully expecting to have to fight her to eat dinner, brush her teeth, and go to bed. Instead my mom picked her up from daycare and took her out for a whirlwind day of swimming and playing with her cousin.

Then when I got home, Mr. H. said "Oh, and I assume you know Girl's staying at Jane's tonight."

Oh my! Now I'm stuck at work and miss her horribly. I did get to talk to her on the phone (briefly), where I heard that she "swimmed, and played, and sleeped," but it isn't enough. I can't wait to get home.

And mom, No More Girl for YOU!

When I finally got to see Girl, she looked huge to me. So I measured her. In her one night away from me she had grown 1.25 inches. I think my mom put her on a rack or made her hang from a bar in the doorway with weights on her feet ala Bobby Brady. Seriously mom, NO MORE GIRL FOR YOU!!!!

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Jane said...

I feel your pain, but you wouldn't want her to miss out on all the fun, would you?