Thursday, August 30, 2007

Burned Into My Brain

When my son was little, he watched certain movies again and again (and I KNOW he's not the only one, dear sisters, don't even talk about Sandy Duncan's Pinocchio). Wizard of Oz was one of those movies and so was Toy Story 2. At the time, I could recite the entire movie when it wasn't even on.
Recently Girl watched both of these movies and I discovered that I still could. You'd think after 6 years it would have gone away. Now I guess I know why I can't retain any of the math I've been reviewing for my GRE, my head is to full of stupid movie lines.

Hey, howdy, hey, that's me! I'm on a yo-yo!

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Techie Topher said...

And let's not forget the ever so popular High School Musical 1 & now 2!!! Sherri and I went out with two other couples on Friday night and what did we talk about......Our kids and High School Musical 2. AARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!