Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've Just Got To Know

Do you see this picture of my sisters, my cousins, and me?
What the heck is going on here?
Did our parents plan to dress us all in red?
Why are Meander and I wearing completely non-matching pants under our dresses?
Why does it look like someone grabbed me by the front of my dress and roughed me up?
Why did my mom think it was super-fun to have us in matching dresses anyway?
And why is Sirena such a goody-freaking-two-shoes (I'm just kidding La Sirena I just wanted to fit you in somehow)?
Also, why am I so freaking cute?

I just wanted to say one more thing (see me, I'm the little one with green pants). Look how nicely my hair is parted. It makes me want to beat up Barry Dubin for trying to spit on me when I was 14 and was retriving a book from under the bleachers. Because of that incident, I sliced my scalp open on the metal struts, giving me a very prominant scar right across my natural part. So now, if I don't want to look like I have a big white X on my head, I have to part my hair on the other side. Thereby fighting my natural part for the rest of my life. DAMN, YOU BARRY DUBIN!!!!


La Sirena said...

The reason we looked like that was because it was New Year's Evil and we had been drinking whiskey.

BTW -- the Fug Girls would have a field day with the whole dress/ slacks thing.

BTWBTW -- I really hate the word "slacks" when used as a noun.

Woodlandmama said...

At least they haven't dressed me as Baby New Year . . . yet!

Ha ha ha, What is that mysterious swishing noise? Slacks, slacks, slackety, slacks! Cordoroy!

Jane said...

Christmas = Red, duh
Christmas = winter = cold outside = slacks, duh

Woodlandmama said...

Not everyone wears red on Christmas=Duh