Thursday, September 6, 2007

And Now for Something Disgusting

If you ever felt the need to give your children a really disgusting drink, here is your chance!
I am the snack mom for Girl tomorrow, and since drink boxes are banned (too squirty) I thought I'd give Crayola Coolerz a chance. They're billed as "flavored water," so at most I thought they'd taste like watered down grape juice. Boy, was I wrong.
They don't have sugar (so they claim) but (at least Purple Pizazz) taste like a cross between a melted grape Fla-vor-ice, and that disgusting drink that they give you for your pregnancy glucose test.
The worst part is that now, because I refuse to bring them to snack time, I am stuck with 24 of the things.

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Meander said...

Anything spelled with a "Z" where an "S" should be is trouble.