Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At Home With Sicky

Girl and I are at home today. Mr. H. and I took turns to be up with her practically the whole night. We're thinking ear infection, but we'll no for sure after we see the doctor. My kids NEVER get colds. They are either really really healthy or have some sickness that requires a doctor's care. I don't remember being at my doctor's nearly as often when I was little.
To date, I have had to deal with more ear infections than I can count, the croup (which in case you didn't know is a windpipe infection), bronchitis, scarlet fever on two different occasions, RSV, pneumonia, and Boy's horrible allergies. It is never, ever, just a cold, never, ever the flu.
Girl is sad because she's missing a field trip (and a day with her boyfriend). So I've spent the day lying around in my bed with my little girl watching Elf (yes, I am aware it's only October), Handy Manny, Dora, and Diego. What are you doing with your day?

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