Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Angry Rant about Fox

I've kind of been getting sick of my Netflix. I feel too much pressure to watch everything really fast and get it back in the mailbox so that I can get my money's worth. Anyhow before I ditch it, I am renting T.V. shows and it has made me hate, hate, hate the Fox network!
I already had a tiny hate on for Fox for canceling Firefly and then Drive, because Firefly was an incredible show and Drive was pretty good too.
But then I watched Undeclared and my hatred turned into a solid rock of anger! Fox, you suck!!!
Undeclared and Firefly were fantastic. The reason these shows failed was that Fox jumped them around, failed to market them well, and just generally set them up to fail. Drive was never even given a chance, it was canceled after four episodes.
Meanwhile Fox shows freaking American Idol three hundred times a week, puts on lame copycat shows like Meet Your New Mommy and So You Think You Can Dance, and still airs The Simpsons 15 years after it jumped the shark.
Pooh! I say boycott!

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