Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm So Sad!

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I always pass this building on my way to my mom's farm, and I loved it. I wrote about this in the past, but this morning I saw this in the paper.

RARDIN -- The owner of run-down buildings in Rardin that were the subject of a demolition lawsuit have been torn down.

Workers were at the site Thursday morning removing debris from what's now a bare spot along the main road through the unincorporated village.

The county sued the owner of the property, William Bowersock of Lima, Ohio, to try to get him to demolish the buildings or get a court to allow the county to do the work and put a lien against the property to recover the costs.

State's Attorney said if the work is done properly, it should mean the lawsuit won't be needed any longer. He said a hearing scheduled for Tuesday on Bowersock's motion to dismiss the case will remain in place for now, but that could change.

Mr. Hobbitfeet and I truly enjoyed the majestic beauty of this building. Having grown up in a city so terrified of a fire that happened 136 years ago (next Monday) that nearly everything is built from some manner of brick, and then coming to Central Illinois, Mr. H. and I treasure the few brick buildings that we see. I think we view them as a touch of Chicago in an otherwise anti-everything-Chicago area. Don't get me wrong, I love the natural beauty around here, but I do miss the man-made beauty of Chicago.
This building kind of reflected my soul. It's a beautiful and well made brick building (actually a former Mason's lodge) reminiscent of so many in Chicago, all alone in a tiny hick town in the middle of nowhere, sticking out like a sore thumb. The insides crumbled and deteriorated over time and a large tree grew up right in the middle. It isn't usable or "safe" anymore (though the brickwork was not rotted and would have stood a lot longer on it's own), so "they" are tearing it down.

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