Thursday, October 4, 2007

Did You Think You Lost Me?

I know it's annoying when you come to a blog that hasn't been updated in over a week. I feel that annoyance too; however, first I was out because I was playing with my friend, Jenni. Then I was out because I was recovering.

I loved having Jenni here, but I am glad that she is gone too, I simply can not handle drinking more than one night a month, let alone three nights in one week. I couldn't hang and I couldn't sleep and I had a week long headache. I did discover though that there is a good winery not too far away from me that has good, cheap (and Mr. H. says too sweet, but he doesn't know that I don't like bitter dry wine) wine in a myriad of unusual flavors like Rhubarb that taste a lot better than they sound. Although there were a lot more Jesus pictures than I normally like in my winery, but it is to be expected as this is Central Illinois. Also Jenni pointed out that Jesus really likes wine.

Now I am suffering from a chest cold because I refuse to admit that maybe I shouldn't sleep with the window open, or if I do, I should find my down comforter and stop just using the quilts that I use in the summer.

And now a list!

Things that have happened so far this month that make me happy.

1. I found really nice shelves at Menards for $30 each that created enough room for me to get all of my books out of storage and left me opportunity to buy new books provided they're small paperbacks.

See, there are gaps in the upper right hand corner begging to be filled. And, hey, before you judge me, consider that Boy has a shelf in his room filled to bursting too and you don't see all 7 of my hardcover Harry Potter books as they're in a more prominent place flanked by the bookends Boy won for looking the most like Harry Potter (I just thought I should be judge based on the full amount of books in my house).
2. When I told Girl it was October (her birth month) she almost exploded she was so happy. She even had a special October dance, and unlike Boy who is born at the beginning of his month, Girl has 23 days to celebrate.
3. Boy stop tortuously squeaking on his clarinet and now makes actual clarinet sounds.
4. There is a woodpecker in my yard.

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