Thursday, November 8, 2007

Aw For Goodness Sakes

Boy gets allergy shots, which means I spend a ridiculous amount of time at the doctor's office. Boy's pediatrician used to have a nice little office five minutes from my house. We'd go in, she'd see us immediately, we'd sit around the half hour we'd have to wait after the shots to see if he had a negative reaction in a nice quiet waiting room. Then the person who owned the property sold it and turned it into a Starbucks (for real, you can't get away from them even in the country), and my doctor moved further away, but not much and it was still pretty nice.
Then she decided to join another practice and my sanity was thrown out the window. First of all her nurse, who'd been there Boy's whole life, and had been giving him his shots since he had started getting them, didn't follow her to the new practice. Also, her new offices are in the local hospital which is a lot farther away, and she's with three other doctors so the waiting rooms are always packed with forty billion kids. The new nurses don't have Boy's shots down pat yet, and they often leave us in the waiting room for a half hour before he gets his shots and forget about him afterwards and so we're stuck in a noisy, crowded waiting room for an hour and a half.
In addition to Boy's allergy shots, Girl has an ear infection that won't go away. I have been there every week for two months now, and they still don't recognize us.
I hate Starbucks.

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