Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Love YOU, Freaky Santa!

So, a couple posts ago, I talked about an insane bid I made on eBay. I know you were all hanging on the edge of your seats, so I'll end your suspense, I won. It was tense and in the last hour before I won it at $23.50, some stupid person tried to outbid me. Four times, until my bid was at insanity levels. When Mr. Hobbirfeet heard that I won the bid, and what the price was, he FLIPPED! Luckily my mom swooped in and bailed me out and now I am getting the best Christmas present ever! This guy!!!

Last year around this time, I posted about my favorite decorations. He is up on it, and I wouldn't change a thing about how I got a second one so that Meander and I never have to share custody again. Plus mine is in fantastic condition. Now don't get me wrong, I fully understand that my old Freaky Santa has more sentimental value as he was the one that was there all those Christmases of old, but I can pretend, and not worry about the rest of the rubber falling off.
As my sisters are constantly pointing out, I am very much in love with my past. They call it "retro" but I hate that word. Anyhow, nowhere is this more apparent than at Christmas time. I am very strict about my Christmases being as much like they were when I was little. A lot of my decorations show that. Last year I bought a bunch of Time Life Christmas Around The Worlds (for no where near as much as Freaky Santa). This was a series of books that came with an advent calendar, recipes, and an ornament for whatever country they were featuring that year. Now my tree is filled with a bunch of the ornaments that filled my mom's tree when I was little.
Of course we have our own too, and we get a new one every year. So we can pull them out and remember when we got each one.
My Santa rule is another tradition I cling to, but then I've already talked about that one.
I think it helps build the Christmas excitement.

I am really sorry about the Christmas posts before Thanksgiving, but Christmas was at my house since the Halloween decorations came down, and Girl has already forced me to listen to Dominick the Donkey a billion times. Plus my heartbreak about Boy, little boy no more.

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Kelly said...

Well, I guess I know you better than I thought. As soon as you said you were bidding on a Christmas decoration from your past, I was immediately flooded with visions of that scary Santa from when we were little. I had to follow up to see if I was right. I guess I was!