Friday, December 28, 2007

Adventures in Bowling

So we're handling our week one kid short. Boy as always is spending the week after Christmas with his other grandparents. Mr. Hobbitfeet, Girl, and I are all sick, but we're trying not to let Girl be bored. Last night we saw Enchanted at the cheap theater and tonight we bowled.
It was Girl's first time bowling, Boy claims he hates it and the lanes in town are lame. I'm a weakling and only want an 8 pound ball, which they don't have. They also only have one five pound ball for the kids, so we don't ever go.
Mr. H. loves bowling. Before we moved in together, he and his nephew went bowling every week, so he has his own ball and shoes. But like I said the lanes here suck so we've only gone twice before tonight.
It was fun even though logically we shouldn't have done anything but pile all together in our beds with boxes of tissue and our humidifier.
Girl did awesome for her first time getting a 62 in the first game, and only having her ball stop in the middle of the lane once (but there were a couple other times we thought it might). She begged to play one more but got bored two frames in. To keep her from lapsing into a cold-induced, full-on freak out we had a contest to see who could dance the silliest
after they released their ball. Girl won hands down with a squatty butt-dance with her tongue hanging out. The dancing got her through the second game without a fit, and I'm very sure the people around us were entertained because there were several times that all our neighbors eyes were on us (especially after Girl's ball stopped mid-lane).
All and all it was wonderful family fun and I think Girl will ask about it a lot. She already plans to bug my mom to go on their Saturday together.
Oh, and in case you are wondering Ella came with us and she and Girl both wore ponytails (because they are sisters and all sisters have to wear their hair the same way). Ella's not much of a bowler so she sat out, but she did get in on the dancing.

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