Thursday, December 27, 2007

In Which I Complain (Are You Surprised?)

I know that Pelmo will probably write a big post about how stupid today's moms are, but I have to say that no matter how many times my kids beg for them, I will never buy another damn robotic toy again. For the two months between her birthday and Christmas all Girl could talk about was the Real Loving Baby (sick name huh?). So of course, Santa bought it for her, and she played with it for all of fourteen seconds.
The $10 Barbie car and $4 Barbie that Santa brought were much more highly prized. Then all the other presents were forgotten for the doll my mom gave her. Girl has been dragging that thing every where. We can't leave the house until "Ella" has her coat on. I have to fix Ella and Girl's hair the same way. If Girl is being a princess than Ella has to be one too, and Girl had a touchy moment until I found Ella some pj's that fit (just barely) in Girl's doll box. Ella even came to the movies with us tonight to see Enchanted and was very afraid of the wicked queen.

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