Monday, December 3, 2007

Turkey Lurkey Doo and Turkey Lurkey Dah!

So one of the advantages of ALWAYS leaving town for Thanksgiving, is you don't get lots of leftovers and therefore don't get turkey-ed out.
Three or more years ago I was given a Williams-Sonoma gift certificate but could never use it because they didn't accept it online or through their catalog and I didn't have access to a store. They just started accepting them online and I followed Ree's advice and bought turkey brine.
Yesterday I prepared the brine. Let me tell you, it stank. It was supa-shtanky. My house smelled through and through of salt and strong smelling herbs. Plus, I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday, and so it actually made me nauseous.
But after all the heating and cooling and other steps involved, I was able to get my turkey brining in the late afternoon. I cooked it today and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC.
Was it worth all the trouble? Yes if I don't have to make the turkey like that all the time. I highly recommend giving it a try yourself. If you don't mind your house smelling like the bad parts of the ocean for a day.

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