Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sleep Why Hast Thou Foresaken Me?

I am a terrible sleeper. I have been since me son was born more than 10.5 years ago but somewhere in November I went for like three days without sleep. My daughter had had an ear infection that wouldn't go away, then my son got strep throat, and the doctor's office ran out of his allergy shot serum, and we needed to figure out how to pay for Mr. Hobbiteet's college as well as Christmas etc. So by mid-December I was taking some kind of OTC sleep aid almost every night be it Tylenol PM or melatonin supplements.

Well Christmas is over, we got our reimbursement for Mr. H.'s tuition from his work and were able to pay off a bunch of bills. So I decided it was time to lose the drugs and get some damn sleep. Unfortunately, if you take sleep aids for awhile guess what happens when you stop. You can't sleep. So I've been grossly over tired but can't sleep for two days now, but I am determined to ride it out drug free. I am a zombie. Hopefully I'll be better soon, but Mr. H.'s snoring sure doesn't help.

Ps. That pic is me many year ago. If only I could do that today.

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