Monday, January 7, 2008

A Slew of Book Reviews and other crap that makes me happy

So I was more productive today than I've been in a long while mostly because the kids were back in school (woo hoo) and not once did I have to utter the words "Boy it doesn't matter if that's what would happen with a real light-saber, your light-sabers are plastic so Girl can, in fact, touch the colored parts!" That is until about 4 p.m. The light-sabers Mr. Hobbitfeet and I bought after Episode II came out are finally getting used.

I took the dog for a five-mile walk, took down (and packed up) all the Christmas decorations and read an entire book. I read lots of books, but usually it's just at night. So let me tell you about these books:

I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle
-I really liked this book a lot. The kid in it brought to mind what I think Boy will be like at 18. The main character is funny but nerdy and has a bad case of the "Actuallys." (If you know Boy you'd understand this statement. If you say to Boy "Wow he's fast like a cheetah" He'd say "Actually, the average human runs at blah blah blah while a cheetah runs at blah blah blah, so unless he can run at such and such a speed, which is scientifically impossible, he's not as fast as a cheetah.) Anyhow the whole book was funny so read it damn it (especially if you know Boy).

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
- I read this mostly because Girl's school told me not to, and I object to people who object to books because they might give people ideas. If I am to become an atheist it will not be because I read a work of fiction written by someone who may or may not be an atheist. This is actually three books, and I've only finished the first two (The Golden Compass, and The Subtle Knife). The former was very good the latter, not so much which is why I didn't get around to the third. The Golden Compass is a movie now and I have to say the book is way better. The movie made changes I didn't understand. Boy tried to read it but was both bored and anxious because it starts with a kid being naughty which worries Boy more than scary monsters.

Inkheart- This was fun, but towards the end I found the endless chapter quotes annoying and I wished they would just get to the point already and stop talking about how freaking fabulous books are already. I like books, but come on.

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