Tuesday, February 12, 2008

People Here Are Such Babies!

Today in rained a little, and then snowed a little but not more than a dusting. I live on top of a hill, and even though I was able to run and slide down my driveway (in my shorts winter coat and boots) to put my Netflix in the mailbox, I had no problem getting back up the hill dragging my trashcan behind me. The hill is always the first thing to cause problems for us (though for some reason my little Honda does better than Mr. Hobbitfeet's monster Buick).

However, despite the lack of snow, and the radar that showed all the snow would be south and east of us and not come anywhere near us, Boy's school let out early due to adverse weather (that just like weather.com said it wouldn't, didn't come near us).

Also, my neighbor stared at me when I went to the mailbox.

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