Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Slipping in the Back

Girl goes to preschool at the Catholic school in the next town over, so I have to drive her there three days a week and am almost always right on time. Today was no exception, we got there two minutes before school was supposed to start. The only problem was that the ENTIRE school was empty. I knew there were supposed to be kids there because there were coats and book bags, but no kids or teachers.
Luckily I used my deduction skills and 14 + years of Catholic education to figure they were at the church getting coated with ashes. So we ran over and sneaked in the back. Of course the entire church was packed, the priest was already preaching, and the whole school was seated at the front, but luckily the school had a plan for losers like me and she got to sit in the back with the school secretary.
I hate when I win the prize for lamest mom. Thankfully, as I was walking out, a couple other preschool moms were sneaking in so I felt a little better about myself.

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